Sheet Metal Fabrication

Abbin Engineering Pty Ltd has been in operation since July 2006 and is continually developing and growing in the manufacture of metal and sheet metal products for a very broad range of customers. 

We specialise in “what you want” and can offer our expertise and assistance with your designs and ideas, from prototypes and single items to larger runs and everything in between.

Our 27,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing plant is situated in Sunshine West – west of Melbourne - and houses a large selection of CNC Machinery. Our staff has over twenty years of experience and knowledge and are highly trained to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality is our foremost priority, our prices stay competitive and your delivery times are met.

All our products are manufactured right here in Australia and there is no need to put up with lengthy overseas deliveries and timetables. 

We believe in locally made products and supporting a future for all Australians.


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